Introducing JeVois-Pro

New deep learning camera packs a 6-core processor and up to 31 trillion operations per second of deep neural network processing power.

Now available for order! and also available bundled with Hailo-8 neural accelerator!

Open-source quad-core camera effortlessly adds powerful machine vision to all your PC/Arduino/Raspberry Pi projects.

JeVois = video sensor + quad-core CPU + USB video + serial port, all in a tiny, self-contained package (28 cc or 1.7 cubic inches, 17 grams). Insert a microSD card loaded with the provided open-source machine vision algorithms (including OpenCV 4.5, TensorFlow Lite and many others), connect to your desktop, laptop, and/or Arduino, and give your projects the sense of sight immediately.

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JeVois-Pro Hardware

JeVois Hardware