JeVois can now ship worldwide through!

Why use Amazon for shipping?

Amazon has highly reliable and fast shipping, at rates that small online shops like cannot beat.

They also pre-compute and charge you for customs (import duties), which should eliminate possible problems of packages stuck at the border waiting for you to pay the duties.

Finally, Amazon ships 24 hours/day directly from their warehouse, even if we are out of town.

Follow these instructions to order on

Go to (NOT the amazon site of your country, like and search for "jevois". You should get some results:




In the top-left corner, just below the amazon logo, click on "deliver to" and  choose your delivery country, towards the bottom of the dialog box:



You will now see shipping and duties for your country when you select a JeVois product:




You can finally  just add to cart and checkout. Note that for Australia, import duties are zero, but for most countries they will not be (e.g., will be about 20% for most European countries).