JeVois-A33 Smart Machine Vision Camera - Multilens 1.3MP Turnkey Kit

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This kit is like our Beginner Turnkey Kit, but with the following modifications and extras:

  • Sensor is the same 1.3MP OmniVision OV9653 as in standard JeVois cameras with 68deg lens, but
  • The lens on the sensor is not glued, contrary to the standard JeVois cameras. So you can unscrew it and replace it with another lens with 1/4" thread (also sometimes called 7mm or M7). Note that those lenses are very small so use care and take your time.
  • Three extra lenses are included: NoIR 68deg lens, 90deg lens, and 120deg lens. You can screw those into the sensor after you have removed the original lens.

The sensor on this camera had to be custom-built at our factory, as all standard stock has glued lenses.

Buy this kit to get started with your JeVois smart camera immediately and if you expect that using different lenses will be useful for your application. Just insert the included microSD card (with JeVois software pre-installed) into the smart camera, connect to a host computer using the included USB cable, and start enjoying powerful machine vision immediately.

Simple out-of-the box instructions at

For more information about the lenses see

This kit includes:

  • qty 1 - JeVois-A33 smart camera with embedded quad-core processor (camera only, no cables). We only manufactured these special cameras with a black case as it is our most popular case color.
  • qty 1 - micro-serial cable to connect to an Arduino or similar (TTL-level UART).
  • qty 1 - high-speed 16GB micro-SD card (class 10) with JeVois software pre-loaded to let you get started immediately.
  • qty 1 - micro-SD card reader, USB to easily access the contents of your micro-SD card from your desktop or laptop computer.
  • qty 1 - mini-USB Y cable, 2.5 feet (80cm) long (allows you to connect to two USB 2.0 ports or to one USB 3.0 port on your host computer).
  • qty 1 - 1/4" (sometimes called 7mm or M7) lens with 68deg horizontal field of view and no infrared (IR) filter. Useful for night vision (you need to provide IR illumination, for example using infrared LEDs).
  • qty 1 - 1/4" lens with 90deg no-distortion field of view. Useful if you need a wider field of view but note that objects will appear slightly smaller.
  • qty 1 - 1/4" lens with 120deg field of view. This provide a wide field of view but incurs some barrel distortions, and objects will also appear smaller.

Note that the three extra lenses are screwed into a small square-shaped plastic base to protect them during shipping. You should first unscrew that base, and then screw the lens into your JeVois camera.


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