JeVois 1.3MP Sensor with 90deg no-distortion Lens

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For JeVois-A33 only - not compatible with JeVois-Pro.

This is a replacement sensor for your JeVois-A33 camera. It features a lens with a wider field of view than the original: 90 degrees horizontal with no distortion. Because there is no distortion, using this lens does not require any barrel correction, as is needed when using lenses with an even wider field of view.

Note that the lens has been adjusted at the factory for a focusing distance of 30cm to infinity. In addition, we asked the factory to NOT glue the lens once focused. So, you will be able to easily change focus by simply turning the lens. Once you have found your optimal setting, you should fix the lens using a small drop of glue, paint, nail polish, etc on the thread (as was done with the standard lens pre-installed in JeVois).

Purchase this if you are interested in a wider field of view than the original lens, with no need to correct the image for distortions. Note how objects in front of JeVois will appear smaller with this lens compared to the original lens. But in exchange, you will see more broadly to the sides of the optical axis.

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Note: opening the case of your JeVois camera voids your warranty. So please proceed with caution.


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