USB to micro-serial adapter cable, 3 feet (1m) long

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This cable is a must for development and debugging. It allows you to monitor the boot process of your JeVois smart camera, and to debug any issue occurring during boot. Simply plug the USB end of the cable into your desktop computer and start a serial terminal program. Plug the micro-serial connector into your JeVois camera. Make sure you configure your JeVois smart camera for verbose boot (see file uEnv.txt in the BOOT partition of your microSD card).

Using this cable you will see low-level debug messages during the boot process of the smart camera. If you are modifying the kernel or buildroot environment of your smart camera, this cable will allow you to easily troubleshoot the process.

This is an active cable with a PL2303 (genuine) USB-to-UART chip inside the USB connector. This cable is custom-designed and custom-manufactured for JeVois.


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