USB Power Meter

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For JeVois-A33 mostly (or use on JeVois-Pro to measure the power it provides to accessory devices connected to its USB ports).

Easily measure the voltage, current, and power used by your JeVois smart camera.

This very useful, compact power meter allows you to easily troubleshoot any problems with the USB power supply to your JeVois-A33 camera (for example, voltage dips below 4.5V when machine vision processing starts, indicating a weak USB port on your host computer).

It also allows you to measure precisely the power consumption, directly in Watts, of your JeVois-A33 smart camera when running a particular machine vision algorithm. For battery-operated systems, you can then use the power figure to estimate how large of a battery may be needed depending on your desired vision algorithm and desired run time.

Simply insert this power meter between the USB port on your host computer and the USB-to-Mini-USB cable that connects to your JeVois smart camera.

This power meter is slightly more expensive than more basic models available elsewhere, as it directly computes and displays power in Watts, and features high accuracy.


  • Voltage range: 3V-30V (accuracy 1%)
  • Current range: 0-5.1A (accuracy 1%)
  • Weight: <20g
  • Display Material: OLED screen


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