JeVois 1.2MP Global-Shutter Sensor with 9-DOF IMU Upgrade Kit - COLOR

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This is a replacement sensor for your JeVois camera. This kit does not include the JeVois processor board and is an upgrade to be applied to an existing JeVois camera.

Stock update: This item still is out of stock for a little more time, as we decided to do one additional PCB and fabrication run for a small modification to the original design. The modification exposes a test pad for an interrupt signal that the IMU chip can generate each time new IMU data is ready. This interrupt signal can be used to synchronize slave devices to the IMU. Some soldering and additional electronics design is required to use it. If you are interested in the previous design, please email us at, we have a small number of units available which do not expose the interrupt pin.

This item is the color version.

It uses an OnSemi (Aptina) AR0135 sensor chip instead of the original ov9650 sensor chip of JeVois. The AR0135 has almost the same resolution (max 1280x960) but a Global Shutter and bigger photosensitive pixels. It is a bigger sensor chip than the original and hence requires a modified JeVois plastic case. Use this replacement sensor if you need to operate in low-light and high-motion conditions.

This sensor board also includes a 9-DOF TDK-InvenSense ICM-20948 Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) with 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope, and 3-axis magnetometer. We mounted the IMU right to the back of the image sensor, with aligned axes (to the tolerances of PCB mounting). The IMU is hence tightly coupled with the image sensor, and will move exactly like the image sensor moves. The X and Y axes are aligned and centered, and the IMU is about 2mm behind the imager on the Z axis. This IMU features an on-board Digital Motion Processor (DMP), which can be programmed to do things like computing quaternions directly in the IMU chip, or detecting different types of activities, counting steps, detecting falls, etc.

For more detailed specs about the AR0135 and the ICM-20948, please see


This kit includes the following:

  • Sensor board with AR0135 Global Shutter 1.2MP imager + ICM-20948 IMU, 12mm lens mount (S Mount), 24-pin 0.5mm-pitch flat flex cable.
  • Five S-Mount lenses:
    • 1.8mm (170deg ultra wide field of view),
    • 2.5mm (125deg wide field of view),
    • 3.6mm (88deg field of view; installed by default),
    • 6mm (53deg field of view),
    • and 12mm (25deg field of view).
  • High-quality 3D-printed modified case (printed with professional laser sintering printers, not filament-based printers). Note that the case is now white and can easily be painted any color using spray paint.
  • 25mm x 10mm cooling fan. 
  • Note: JeVois processor is not included. This kit is a sensor upgrade to be used with an existing JeVois smart camera.

This is an experimental kit for now. Installing it requires some soldering (two wires for the fan).

To activate this sensor, you need to write a file called 'sensor' with contents 'ar0135' on the boot partition of your microSD card. More information at



Note: opening the case of your JeVois camera voids your warranty. So please proceed with caution.


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