Hailo-8 26-TOPS Neural Accelerator M.2 A+E 2230

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For JeVois-Pro only - not compatible with JeVois-A33.

Please note: this product is IN STOCK, but we only have very small quantities. Thus, we are only selling it bundled with new JeVois-Pro cameras. If you previously purchased a JeVois-Pro camera and would like a Hailo-8 board, please email us.

The Hailo-8 neural accelerator delivers up to 26 trillion operations per second (TOPS) of deep neural network processing power, and can be installed inside the JeVois-Pro smart camera.

This is the fastest neural accelerator for JeVois-Pro to date. Performance is truly impressive, see our benchmarks (Hailo-8 is named SPU in the benchmarks).

See JeVois-Pro + Hailo-8 demo video on YouTube.

This is an add-on board that should be installed inside JeVois-Pro. Note that only one board can be installed at a time (Hailo-8, Coral TPU, dual Coral TPU, WIFI, etc).

This is the OEM version, with no packaging or heatsink. Cooling inside JeVois-Pro seems adequate without requiring an extra heatsink or fan, in our testing so far.

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