Mini-USB + Micro-USB splitter cable, 6 inches (15cm) long

Mini-USB + Micro-USB splitter cable, 6 inches (15cm) long

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Use this cable to power one JeVois smart camera (mini-USB port) and one Arduino-compatible micro-controller (micro-USB connector) from a single USB port (for example, connected to a battery bank or step-up DC-DC converter, or step-down DC-DC converter).

This cable provides power only, and no data.

This is the cable we used in our demo application to autonomous cars, where one battery bank was used to power both the JeVois smart camera and one Arduino-compatible 32u4 micro-controller.

Note: This accessory is intended for applications where you will not stream video out of your JeVois camera to a host computer, but instead will only stream text outputs over serial port to an Arduino. Hence, the mini-USB port of your JeVois smart camera will only be used to power the smart camera. Please see for more information.


  • One USB connector (for power input)
  • One Mini-USB connector (connect to JeVois)
  • One Micro-USB connector (connect to Arduino-compatible board)
  • Length: 15cm (6 in)
  • Power only, no data.


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