Repair kit for JeVois-A33

Repair kit for JeVois-A33

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If you broke the fan, camera sensor or lens, or case of your JeVois-A33 smart camera, for example in a rough landing of a flying robot or in an accident of a driving robot, do not despair. This kit may also be useful if you tried to modify the lens of the camera sensor (note: this voids your warranty) but want to get back to the original, unmodified camera module. You can order this kit to repair your smart camera. Note that this kit assumes that the electronics in your smart camera still work. 

This kit requires some soldering skills, indeed you will need to solder the 2 wires of the kit's replacement fan to the JeVois smart camera PCB. The camera module connects to a special connector on the JeVois PCB and does not require any soldering.


Note: opening the case of your JeVois camera voids your warranty. So please proceed with caution.


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