USPS shipping insurance

USPS shipping insurance

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USPS is overall very reliable, but please beware that they only handle each international package up to when it lands in the destination country. USPS will then give the package to the local post, to finish the delivery. For example, for a package going to France, USPS will handle it until it lands in Paris, and then the French "La Poste" will take it from Paris to the final destination.

We highly recommend that you add optional insurance to your shipment. It is inexpensive but a good protection to have. If the post system is not reliable in your country, you should consider DHL shipping.

Without insurance, if a package is lost, we can still file a claim with USPS but this will only reimburse the cost of shipping, not the cost of the products. With insurance, the cost of products and the cost of shipping are both covered.

Please be patient with USPS international shipping, it can take up to a month to arrive, although most packages arrive within 2-3 weeks. Please note that we need to wait at least 40 days before a claim for lost package can be filed with USPS and/or the insurance company.