JeVois 0.3MP Low-Light Sensor with Standard Lens

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This is a replacement sensor for your JeVois camera.

It uses an Omnivision ov7725 sensor chip instead of the original ov9650 sensor chip of JeVois. The ov7725 has lower resolution (max 640x480) which allows for bigger photosensitive pixels in the same package. As a result, this sensor has improved low-light sensitivity compared to the original JeVois sensor. Use this replacement sensor if you need to operate in low-light and video captured by JeVois seems too dark.

It features the same lens as originally included in your JeVois camera (field of view 60 degrees horizontal).

To activate this sensor, you need to write a file called 'sensor' with contents 'ov7725' on the boot partition of your microSD card. More information at



Note: opening the case of your JeVois camera voids your warranty. So please proceed with caution.


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